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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Find Hotels in Saudi Arabia - Medina Hotels

Find Hotels in Saudi Arabia - Medina Hotels. The city of Medina is located in the Al Madinah Emirate of Saudi Arabia, just north of the Islamic holy city of Mecca. It is worth noting that people who are not Muslim are not allowed into this city, as it is considered a holy city for those of this faith, second only to Mecca. Therefore the city is only accessible by those who are making their required pilgrimage to this city and as such is not a tourist destination. Medina is served by Prince Mohammed Airport, most international visitors first arrive in Jeddah and then take a local flight into Mecca. Entry into Medina is strictly enforced to keep out non-Muslim’s from entering. For those who make the journey into Medina, the main reason for their visit is a religious pilgrimage, and the main destination once in the city is the major mosque of Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi which is where the Prophet is said to have been buried. It is an extremely revered place by those of this faith and is therefore often a favorite destination among visitors. Not surprisingly, the major destinations of this city are mostly religious centers and famous masques, one of which is Quba Mosque, said to be the first mosque of Islam. As is to be expected, most of these mosques and religious centers can be very crowded with worshipers, but most of the visiting times are strictly regimented in order to provide for an orderly experience. There are several hotels near the mosques and the city center, ranging from luxury properties to modest accommodations.

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